Week in Pictures

So this week I’m kind of cheating for the “Week in Pictures”–all of the photos are from the same night! My friends and I went to “A Muder at Reed Hall” which was a twenties themed ball with entertainment. While the plot holes in the story baffled the English major in all of us–apparently there were lots of illegitimate children and every was embezzling funds–the party was a lot of fun!

  1. This is Lily and Logan–how cute do they look?!
  2. A beautiful bookcase was the perfect photo-op–thanks to Sam who spotted it and knew my librarian tendencies.
  3. I hid her behind a curtain to thank her for the awesome picture.
  4. The classic stairpose had to be done, especially on such a magnificent staircase.
  5. I couldn’t let everyone change into sensible flats until I had proof we had all attempted to wear heels.
  6. I just love my friends!

I promise next week’s pictures will be more interesting/in more than one local!

Ta for now,


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