My Week in Instagram: February 20, 2012



1. I listened to Gabrielle Aplin at Panera and worked on my portfolio!

2. Sometimes you just need a night in with Valentino.

3. Stolen moments before work to read some Vogue.

4. Outfit photos are cliché but fun — here I wore Jbrand (on sale for $50), Banana Republic, and Frye.

Instagram Week Feb 20 2013

5. I tried out a new face mask from Birchbox.

6. Mom and the Merediths sent me lovely Valentine’s Day gifts!

7. On Shrove Tuesday I went on a walk through the UNC Arboretum.

My Week in Instagram: February 4, 2013

My Week in Instagram Feb 41. You know you’re addicted to instagram when a simple breakfast of greek yogurt and berries warrants a picture!

2. Starbucks was just the thing for a break between classes!

3. Caught up on the latest YALSA newsletter with some french toast at Cafe Carolina.

4. Tried a new hairstyle from pinterest — check out my inspirations here.


5. I made chocolate chip pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning.

6. Panera has the best salads — BBQ Chopped Chicken shown here.

7. Sometimes you just need hot tea, new music, and a view of the great outdoors.

8. ER modeling is hard! Who knew all those mind maps my high school teachers made me do would come in handy?

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My Week in Instagram: January 23


1. Couponed with wine on a weekend.
2. Bought a new iPhone case from J.Crew.
3. Caught up on Youtube with a little Earl Grey.
4. TastyKakes are available in NC — finally.
5. January Birchbox arrived in the mail!
6. Quality BSF time at Barnes & Noble
7. Keurig K-Cups were on sale at Harris Teeter!
8. Watching PLL and wondering if Aria got dressed with her eyes closed?
9. North Carolina finally got a little snow and everyone panicked.

Over the river and through the woods…

To my mother’s house I go! Okay, so it’s not grandmother’s but she’ll be down for Christmas tomorrow so it’s going to be a true family holiday season!

Since I’m sure you’re just as exhausted as I am with all of the gift guides finals, I thought I’d share a little Christmas cheer and showcase my mother’s AMAZING cooking and decorating. Though she politely declined to be photographed for this post, I can assure you she’s every bit as beautiful as the confections and decorations she creates!

Every year we put up two trees – crazy, yes but my mom does enjoy the holidays. Until this year I always saw it as a bit of a chore but now that I’m on my own There’s something about starting off the season the day after thanksgiving with my dad and I bringing down the Christmas trees and rearranging the living room furniture.


Downstairs Christmas Tree 1
Family Room Christmas Tree

Next up is the dining room where my mother hosts elaborate dinners fit for a Queen (No really, just ask any of her friends who have been invited for a birthday ‘lunch’ and were treated to a 5-star meal!) The tree in here is only for Santa and Snowman ornaments and since my mom and I find them so cute we have more than enough ornaments to fill the tree.

Downstairs Christmas Tree 2
Dining Room Christmas Tree

The tree affectionately known as “the Charlie brown tree” usually goes wherever we have room and this year that’s the dining room sideboard. We put the teeny-tiny ornaments that would otherwise get lost on a normal tree on this tiny one!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree 

This year we decided to go a little crazy, since the aforementioned grandmother is visiting (with an aunt, an uncle and two cousins in tow). There’s a THIRD tree upstairs! This tree is really special to me because it has all of my storybook ornaments on it: the whole crew from Oz and the Nutcracker are there.

The Upstairs tree
Bonus Room Christmas Tree

There are also a few really cute displays that didn’t involve ornaments:


Nutcracker Mantle
Nutcracker Mantle
Hummel Nativity Display
Hummel Nativity Display


Apartment Tour: Part Two

Just like I promised, here’s part two of the tour of my new apartment.

Just off of the living room is my little dining room.

Table and chairs: estate sale with DIY seat cushions

Sideboard: Ethan Allen Sale (similar)
Silverplate tea set: estate sale (similar)
Wine rack: Pottery Barn (similar)

I’m in love with my great kitchen, so clean!

Next up is my bedroom. I wanted to be able to use the grey color scheme from my old room but with a more sophisticated flair. I think it turned out pretty great!
Prints: Etsy (1, 2)

Since I’m here to attend graduate school, a desk was a necessity. Unfortunately one bedroom apartments don’t offer too much in terms of office space! Here’s my little office nook for homework and such.

Here’s a view of my porch from the sidewalk.

…And another view so you can actually see the furniture!

So what do you think?

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