Week in Pictures: February 6

1. It has been beautiful out this week! One day, Sam and I kidnapped Rebecca

so we could all enjoy the sunshine.

2. While in town we found protestors…in Exeter. Gotta love England!

3.  There’s a really weird mural in Exeter that features medieval knights, Victorian women and

a phoenix burning–connection?

4. My television list. I’ll do a post on that soon since it’s getting out of control!

5. The mural again. Witches and a man that’s part of a building this time..the

meaning is still clear as mud!

6. Last night we tried to order Chinese food, but after calling them four times to no avail we gave up.

Guess they didn’t want our business!

7. After the Chinese food fiasco we ordered pizza, made curly fries, and got icecream.

8. This is what was left after our food binge. Feel free to call us gluttons!

9. Because they don’t split tickets in the UK, every gathering is marked by an exchange of money.

We’re constantly “settling up”!


What did you do this week?



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