What I Read This Week

1. Librarians Go Online to Catch Book Thief!: It sounds like something out of a crazy novel but the true story is even better! A man had been stealing expensive books from libraries and then selling them on ebay–read the rest at the link.

2. Vertical Layer Cake Tutorial : Maybe I caught a little of the Valentine’s Day fever but I was drawn to beautiful sweets this week. This woman’s cakes are almost too adorable to eat!

3. Clothing Prices to Rise Ten Percent Starting in the Spring : As much as I adore fashion, I usually don’t think about the economic decisions behind some of my clothes. After reading this article I’m much more interested in the politics/economics of fashion!

4. The Gender Pay Gap By Industry : The difference in men’s and women’s wages never ceases to mystify me.

5. What We Still Don’t Know About Lasik: Scary. Riveting article.

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