Multi-Cultural YA Literature


This week in my young adult literature class (INLS 530: YA Literature and Resources), we talked about literature of diversity. Growing up where I did it was easy to think that only one race (white), one sexual orientation (straight), one religion (Christianity), and one dominant gender (male) existed. Most of the literature I read supported this view: Anne of Green Gable’s milky white skin, Winnie and Tuck’s straight love story, and Wendy‘s overbearing father.

Through reading Tyrell, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Down to the Bone and We Beat the Street I was introduced to an all-together different facet of YA literature. The importance of these stories is so great. Introduction to these stories should not occur at 22 as it did for me, it should be integrated into the cannon for 11-17 year olds.

Below is a video explaining the importance of representative stories. It’s a little long but incredibly moving. I hope you enjoy!

Get Fired Up About Librarianship

This week in my INLS 513 (Collection Management) class we watched a really inspiring video about the mission of librarians. So much of what librarians do goes on behind the scenes so it’s easy for people to think that books are the only thing we do. The video proves that it is so much more! I’ve embedded the video below but I’ll have to warn you that it is about an hour long. Let me know what you think!

Grand Challenges of Librarianship. R David Lankes vid Biblioteksdagarna 2011 from Svensk Biblioteksförening on Vimeo.


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Compsing It Up!: This Week In Pictures

Just a few quick snaps from around campus during this busy week.

1. The Harry Potter Exhibit has arrived at the Kenyon Library! As a true HP nerd, I couldn’t be
more thrilled. Check out my twitter handle @alexandrap529 for updates on the cool HP events the
library is doing in conjunction with the exhibit.

2. The weather was beautiful last Saturday and I took advantage of it by exploring behind the KAC. One of
my goals before graduation in May is to see more of this gorgeous little town I’ve been living in for the past
four years. Public library and community center: check!

3. I studied it up with Faith at the Deli over the weekend. The sun was so bright I got a little burned on my arm.

4. Magazines help me keep my sanity through a rough week of studying.

What I Read This Week

1. Librarians Go Online to Catch Book Thief!: It sounds like something out of a crazy novel but the true story is even better! A man had been stealing expensive books from libraries and then selling them on ebay–read the rest at the link.

2. Vertical Layer Cake Tutorial : Maybe I caught a little of the Valentine’s Day fever but I was drawn to beautiful sweets this week. This woman’s cakes are almost too adorable to eat!

3. Clothing Prices to Rise Ten Percent Starting in the Spring : As much as I adore fashion, I usually don’t think about the economic decisions behind some of my clothes. After reading this article I’m much more interested in the politics/economics of fashion!

4. The Gender Pay Gap By Industry : The difference in men’s and women’s wages never ceases to mystify me.

5. What We Still Don’t Know About Lasik: Scary. Riveting article.