Compsing It Up!: This Week In Pictures

Just a few quick snaps from around campus during this busy week.

1. The Harry Potter Exhibit has arrived at the Kenyon Library! As a true HP nerd, I couldn’t be
more thrilled. Check out my twitter handle @alexandrap529 for updates on the cool HP events the
library is doing in conjunction with the exhibit.

2. The weather was beautiful last Saturday and I took advantage of it by exploring behind the KAC. One of
my goals before graduation in May is to see more of this gorgeous little town I’ve been living in for the past
four years. Public library and community center: check!

3. I studied it up with Faith at the Deli over the weekend. The sun was so bright I got a little burned on my arm.

4. Magazines help me keep my sanity through a rough week of studying.

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