International Women’s Day

I’ve heard more about International Women’s Day while in England
than I ever did in the US.

Sure it might be that over here, I’m taking a course many would consider feminist
(Beyond Plath: Modern American Women Poets)
which gives me more time to talk about the injustices against women,

but I think it’s more than that.

There’s something more politicized about femininity in the UK, or at least a greater understanding among
women of their bodies as a politicized space.

Perhaps that has to do with a greater amount of political involvement over here in general.


So in honor of International Women’s Day

Today, I’ve tried to listen.

Listen to the more politically aware voices around me.

Listen to the young women in my classes who speak with a fervor
about feminism than I’ve never seen.

Listen to the debates on British television over “woman’s place”


What are you doing for IWD?

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