Awkward and Awesome Thursday

For those of you who don’t haven’t been longtime readers, Awkward and Awesome Thursdays was started by Sydney over at The Daybook. She’s an amazing blogger who has the best style (and the cutest little baby)! I picked it up while I was in England last year and now I’ve decided to do it again.

Awkward things that happened this week:

– I tried to put on my skinny jeans Sunday night and they wouldn’t zip up. Oops, no more
chocolate cake for me!

– A representative from a popular acne brand called my house this week and it wasn’t until I listened to his pitch for five minutes that I realized I could tell him “No thanks!”

– I was in the parking lot at my local mall and spent ten minutes searching for the car, then realized I was looking for my mom’s car. I guess it hasn’t sunk in that I have a car of my own yet!

(do the above two awkwards mean that I’m losing it?)

Awesome things that happened this week:

– I bought two new books at Barnes and Noble for a net of .70! Gotta love those Christmas gift cards.

– My parents and I have been watching The West Wing during the evenings and now they’re hooked!

One response to “Awkward and Awesome Thursday”

  1. Hey, if you remember, I did the same thing at the airport one night. I was about to report the car stolen when I, by chance, caught the license plate of the car. I was not only looking for the wrong car, but the right car (silver) was under a light that made it look gold/tan so after a half hour or more looking, I finally realized which car I was looking for!!

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