Awkward and Awesome Thursday

For those of you who don’t haven’t been longtime readers, Awkward and Awesome Thursdays was started by Sydney over at The Daybook. She’s an amazing blogger who has the best style (and the cutest little baby)! I picked it up while I was in England last year and now I’ve decided to do it again.

Awkward things that happened this week:

– I tried to put on my skinny jeans Sunday night and they wouldn’t zip up. Oops, no more
chocolate cake for me!

– A representative from a popular acne brand called my house this week and it wasn’t until I listened to his pitch for five minutes that I realized I could tell him “No thanks!”

– I was in the parking lot at my local mall and spent ten minutes searching for the car, then realized I was looking for my mom’s car. I guess it hasn’t sunk in that I have a car of my own yet!

(do the above two awkwards mean that I’m losing it?)

Awesome things that happened this week:

– I bought two new books at Barnes and Noble for a net of .70! Gotta love those Christmas gift cards.

– My parents and I have been watching The West Wing during the evenings and now they’re hooked!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday



– I have a paper due today that I’m so not ready to turn in…can’t it wait?!

– I’ve bought two cans of nutella in two weeks. Both are now empty.

– I have to take my computer on a trip so that I can complete schoolwork.

– Realizing that I have to start studying for the GRE now and take it in May.



– Laying outside the dorm with friends on Tuesday.

– Leaving today for Stratford-upon-Avon

– My new article over at Her Campus


30 for 30– The Finish Line

Yesterday was the last day of 30 for 30 and I learned a lot!

I came up with loads of ways to wear different pieces, though the challenge WAS hard!!

Here’s what I wore:

Why yes. Yes I do look incredibly awkward dancing in my kitchen!


25. Grey Sweater Dress (DVF)

Did you know she’s reissuing old patterns? So jealous. I want one of the old wrap dresses so badly!

12. Black Flats (Banana Republic)



Awkward and Awesome Thursday:



– That dance up there.

– Getting an email begging me to come pick up my parcels from Cornwall House–oops!

– Not noticing that I wasn’t wearing shoes in the above pictures until now



– Turning in my two papers early this week. That’s right, EARLY!!

– Finally finishing Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events series that I started when I was twelve.
So good.

– Finding Elizabeth Kostova’s newest book Swan Thieves on Amazon for cheap. I loved The Historian
I can’t wait to dive into this one.

– Going to Glastonbury and Stonehenge this weekend (okay so it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m packing right now!)




Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Khaki Pants (J. Crew)
Green Sweater (Nordstrom)

See that outfit right there, that’s part of my awkward list. I woke up this morning with NOTHING from 30 for 30 clean.

That’s how little laundry I’ve done lately. Yup, I’m a slacker.

Don’t worry, I did wash first thing…

but then I was too lazy to change into a 30 for 30 outfit.

Oh well.


-The aforementioned laundry incident

– Realizing that I’d left unwashed dishes in the kitchen and inspection was today

– The reverse concealer action that’s going on in the above photos


-Going to dinner tonight with a friend’s parents who are in town

– Having a summer internship interview

– The way my hair has been behaving lately





Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Sorry this week has been so sparse on posts, I’ve been having a lot of computer troubles.
Hopefully by the time you are reading this they will all be resolved and the regularly
scheduled programming will be back here next week!


– Having computer problems…then realizing how much I actually use the internet
(not good)

– Finding out that the water was going to be shut off last night :/

– Not being able to charge my iphone and consequently having to borrow everyone else’s

– Somehow forgetting to take any outfit pictures this week


– My new coat from London (post coming soon!)

– Reading 3 books in 3 days FOR FUN

– Finally getting around to The Thirteenth Tale. It’s so good.



Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Sorry y’all, no pictures today as it was rainy and my hair

looked terrible didn’t cooperate.


But today is awkward and awesome Thursday!!



– Not being able to sleep last night because the guy living above me was playing

Michael Buble songs on his guitar…ALL NIGHT…really badly.


– Going into my kitchen this morning only to realize that no one has taken out the bins
and we now have 4 full bags of rubbish
(See the british-isms I used there? Makes the facts a little less terrible!)


– When my professor started singing in class today


– Talking to a girl in my poetry class and realizing that I had no idea what she
meant when she described her essay analysis….(aka I’m screwed for my paper)



– Finally watching The September Issue. It is genius!


– Getting my grades back and actually doing really well!


– That Chai Tea Latte I got at Starbucks today!


– Hanging out with my flatmates!


Off to London,


Third Time is the Charm?

Day 3 of Kendi’s 30 for 30 Challenge and I think I’m finally getting into the swing of this posting thing–or maybe not.

Today I’m showing off items 8, 9 (and my first repeat) 3.

Item 8: Checked Shirt (J.Crew), Item 9: Morgan Jeans (Delias), Item 3: Boots (H&M)

In other news, I used not one, but TWO, blogger tutorials to get ready this morning, pathetic?


Tutorial 1: Sydney’s belt tying tutorial (The Daybook)

This girl seriously rocks. Her blog has me obsessively checking to see what outfit

she puts together next. Go check it out!


Tutorial 2: Carrie’s beehive tutorial (Wish Wish Wish)

First off, how awesome does the beehive look? All thanks to Carrie. I’ve been admiring her hair

for absolute ages, til she was considerate to post a tutorial and what do you know?

It really is as easy to do as she said!


Oh and before I forget, I’m participate in Sydney’s Awkward and Awesome Thursday



– Walking to class and my heels getting stuck in the path and then having to pull them out while people go around me

– Talking over someone else on a conference call but no one realizing I said anything

– Having the fire alarm go off at 11am and still being in my pajamas



-Not having class until 3pm and catching up on my tv shows

– Taking good pictures for today’s blog

-Making mac and cheese from scratch–without a recipe!



All for now.