Week In Review: August 13-18

It’s my second week of truly settling into my NC apartment so I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the city. Somewhere between sightseeing and grocery shopping, I found time to read some pretty great online articles. Here they are:


  1. 6 ways your schoolteacher sabotaged your business writing: As an English major I constantly found myself breaking “the rules” about writing that I learned in middle school. It’s interesting to think that the same things that enabled me to write have “sabotaged” me later in life. I’m not sure that I have as extreme a view as the author of this piece but the idea is an interesting one.
  2. A Professional Assessment of Twilight Sparkle as a Librarian: This one is a purely fun read! While I was abroad I had two friends with whom I had endless “My Little Pony” movie nights (not as lame as it sounds, I swear). By trying to analyze the episodes, the author brought me back to those nights — we found an episode that perfectly encapsulated 19thc. British foreign policy that we called “My Little Imperialist Pony!”
  3. Five Women Writers Tougher Than Hemingway: Hemingway + feminism. Enough said.
  4. Generation Y Leads in Book Buying: As interesting as the article is, the real gem here is the discussion beneath it. There’s an active group that insists Gen Y buys books they don’t read or that the stats don’t take into account the number of textbooks Gen Y is buying. While both opinions may have merit, I am frustrated that other generations continually view Gen Y as a “tech only” generation!
  5. Old Timey Slang to Bolster Your Vocabulary: This is another fun one full of terms I wish people still used. Someone should really bring “Lobbygow” back.  Not me, I’m still working to bring “sistren” back.
  6. Lemony Snicket on the Murder of His Books: Lauren Conrad recently did an arts and craft project on her blog and used the Series of Unfortunate Events books. Whether you agree with using books as objects or not, Snicket’s response is hilarious. Readers of his books will love the on point response!

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