Library of Alexandra Book Awards 2013: The Best of the Best

For weeks I’ve been trying to write about my favorite books of 2013. I have read so many that it seemed like quite an undertaking. Some books have been full of vivid prose, others had loveable characters or interesting story lines. But the more I thought about it one book, or rather a one series of books, really captured my heart. They’re the kind of books that I wish I could write. The kinds of books for which I will forever be sorry I wasn’t able to meet their author.


84, Charing Cross RoadQ’s Legacy, and Duchess of Bloomsbury Street

84 charing cross road

I first talked about these books back in January but I only finished reading Q’s Legacy this week. See these books make me want to rush out and buy a boat-load of books, so I needed to space them out a bit.

These are books for readers, for anglophiles, for history nuts. They’re books for those who want to cozy up with a best friend and hear about their literary explorations…and plan a few of their own.

In the next few days I’ll be sharing some of my other favorites with you, but first do me a favor. Pick up a Helene Hanff book at your local independent bookstore. You’ll be glad you did. 

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