Books I Read: March 2015

I got a little behind on my reading this past month so I my numbers are a little lower than in February and January!

The Numbers
Number of Books Read: 5*
2015 YTD: 38

Method Read
eBooks: 0
Print Books: 5

Diversity Challenge Update
2/5 (40%)


Young Adult Fiction

*this does not include most re-reads, excerpts or DNF’d books

2 responses to “Books I Read: March 2015”

  1. Leigh Bardugo! I can’t wait for her next series. Are you going to read ‘Six of Crows’?

    1. I haven’t decided yet. I really liked Shadow and Bone but by the end of Siege and Storm I was a bit bored of the story. I’m not sure I will pick up Ruin and Rising.

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