Books I Read: May 2015

The Numbers

Number of Books Read: 9

2015 YTD: 60

Method Read

eBooks: 2

Print Books: 3

Audiobooks: 4

Diversity Challenge Update

1/9 (11%)

11/60 (18.33%)

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Books I Read: March 2015

I got a little behind on my reading this past month so I my numbers are a little lower than in February and January!

The Numbers
Number of Books Read: 5*
2015 YTD: 38

Method Read
eBooks: 0
Print Books: 5

Diversity Challenge Update
2/5 (40%)


Young Adult Fiction

*this does not include most re-reads, excerpts or DNF’d books

Books I Read: February 2015

Books Read in February 2015

Number of books read: 12

I think it’s clear that I went through a pretty big Nora Roberts phase this month! It’s easy to get sucked into her world. If you want to see what I thought of the books below, check out my Goodreads.






Short Stories & Essays:

 (not pictured, Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman)

Young Adult: