Sewing the Night Away: Appleton Wrap Top

One of the most fun things about sewing my own clothes is being able to adapt patterns to fit what I want to wear. Even before Jenny released the top version of the wrap dress, I was thinking about how to hack the pattern!


Here’s my Cashmerette Appleton Wrap Top!


I ended up using Jenny’s instructions to chop off some of the length but didn’t change up the waist tie shape.

Things I changed:

  • I didn’t finish the hem on the top or on the sleeves. My fabric didn’t curl up and I liked the clean finish that simply cutting the hems gave.
  • I cut the back panel 5 inches shorter than the two front panels. I then cut a section to “fill in the gap.” I love the ruffle effect it gives at the back. It keeps the shirt from feeling too tight or restrictive.


What I learned:

  • This was my 3rd time sewing the pattern so I’ve made most of the necessary adjustments. This time I really focused on stretching the neckband to fit the front bodice pieces and it REALLY helped. Jenny’s pattern is amazing. Once you stretch the neckband, there’s absolutely no gaping at the chest. GENIUS.

Things I’ll change next time:

  • After making 2 Appleton Dresses plus this top, I feel pretty confident saying that the shoulder doesn’t work for me. I don’t love how open the neckline is so for my next version I’m going to add about an inch to each inner shoulder and then alter the cross-over to fit. Hopefully this doesn’t mess with the “no slip” wrap feature!

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