Handmaid’s Tale Cosplay Big Reveal

This is the fifth post in my Handmaid’s Tale Cosplay. See  Why The Handmaid’s Tale , Researching the Costume, Creating the Dress, and Obi Belt Tutorial  for more details.

Here are some images of my completed Handmaid’s Tale cosplay. Some of the images have strange lighting – sorry about that! I was taking pictures on a day when the sun kept coming out from behind the clouds.


Here you can see the front and back flaps in all their glory! They really do conceal femininity, as Ane Crabtree intended.

This reminded me so much of the original book cover for some reason, so I had to include it!


Here’s a view at the back of the dress. It shows the closure of the obi belt (more details on creating it here).


Here’s a close up of that split neck bodice I talked about in my researching and making the dress posts. I noticed when looking at the finished images that the sides of the neck pull the facing to the outside a bit. An all-in-one facing that provided some resistance would probably have solved this problem – you live and learn!


A view of the side of the costume, showing off the points of the obi belt.

on the wall

This picture is just some Photoshop fun! I took the promo images for season 2 and inserted my picture into them!

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