Social Distancing Survival Pack: Part 2


I don’t know about you but the idea of hanging out in my pajamas all day and teleworking is getting a little stale! I’ve imposed a routine to my days that I wanted to share, plus a few things I recommend as end of the day “treats!”

My school is holding all of our classes remotely, so we are required to be available between 9-5pm. Here’s what my schedule looks like right now —



Whew! I’m exhausted just looking at all of that. In all honesty, I’m grateful to have things to do. What does your routine look like? Have you figured out your new normal?


Part of my new normal is having something to look forward to every day. Some days it’s been making a new recipe, others it’s been a movie. Here are some treats I’ve been saving for the end of the day or when I just can’t stare at a screen any longer…


Podcasts –

  • I really enjoyed the podcast WeCrashed about the failure of the company We Work. The episodes are around 30 minutes long, so they’re easy to listen to while you are doing another finite task like laundry.
  • Serial, Season 1. I know most people have already listened to this one but it’s too compelling not to include for those of you who haven’t. Listen to the story of Adnan Syed and decide for yourself whether you think he killed his girlfriend.
  • For a weekly podcast, check out Hitha Palepu’s 1 Smart Thing. She’s a brilliant woman who works in the pharmaceutical industry, supports small brands, and has the best recipes!
  • Young House Love Has a Podcast is like the best HGTV show, but as a podcast. Things are sure to be even more fun to listen to as they move to their new house in Florida!


Books –

  • I recently finished American Royals by Katharine McGee and it was exactly the candy I needed in these uncertain times. What if George Washington had created a monarchy, instead of a democracy?
  • Keeping with the American politics theme, Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston is the queer romance novel you didn’t know you were looking for. Buy it immediately!
  • Outside of the romance genre, I highly recommend Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. Robinson is one of the most gifted living writers; her books require you to slow down and think. If you liked Jan Karon’s Midford books, you’ll like Marilynne Robinson.
  • As for me, I’ll likely re-read the aforementioned Midford books, dive into The Education of an Idealist, and finish The House of Names.



  • If you aren’t already following wit + whimsy, now is the perfect time to go back and look at her old posts. She has the best posts on travel that I’ve come across — especially if you love Paris!
  • Grace Atwood from The Stripe is one of the most “real” bloggers out there. I love that she only includes brands that support plus sizes in her round ups!


Missed my first post about ways to be productive during your social distancing? Check it out here.  I’ll be back soon with tv and movie recommendations!

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