Unfollowing (or how I went from following 400+ people on Instagram to following less than 200 and got a lot happier)
I’ve been listening to Make It Happen by Lara Casey and The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner and they really have me thinking about the things that I spend my time one. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is scroll through my social media feeds: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. There’s nothing wrong with this other than it doesn’t make me happy. It doesn’t put me in a good place to start the day.
I find myself comparing MYSELF to the people in those feeds. Good ole’ social media jealousy. I could train myself to be less jealous, more content but wouldn’t it be easier to remove the things that don’t bring me happiness?
Sure, I could delete social media from my life entirely. But then I would be losing a lot of wonderful conversations, connections with old friends, news catchups, and book recommendations. So I decided to do a deliberate evaluation of who I follow on social media. I don’t have all the answers, but here’s what worked for me.
The best part about deleting/unfollowing — seeing MORE of what you do love. I was missing so many posts by my favorite people/brands because there was so much clutter in my feeds.

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