We Marched…Now What?

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The Women’s March on Washington was a huge success! While it is nice to march, it is important to think about what to do after the march. I’ve rounded up a few books that I think would be perfect to read as you are looking to take action on the issues that led you to march.

A reading list for putting the march into practice.

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The Education of Shelby Knox

After hearing Shelby Knox speak at NCCWSL last week (post on that conference coming soon), I knew that I had to see the documentary about her life. She fought the school board in Lubbock, TX in an effort to institute sex education in the public schools.

Here’s the trailer:

Wow. If I thought she was great when I heard her speak, this documentary makes her seem unstoppable! Her energy and drive is inspirational and I hope that I can work this passionately for a cause some day. Shelby Knox is truly a role model.

I highly recommend this film to all young would-be-activists as well as anyone who believes that this country’s youth don’t care about politics.