Speak With Conviction

A friend posted this video on Facebook yesterday and I wanted to share it with you!

As funny as the poem is, the truth it reveals is scary–
my generation does preface statements with unnecessary things.
We phrase things as questions.
We add unnecessary words.


Because we’re scared.

We’re scared our opinions don’t matter or that no one will want to hear them.

We’re scared to look stupid in front of our peers or worse in front of our professors.

We’re scared that we really are “the stupidest generation yet” just like they report in the papers.


This poem tells it like it is.

In order to be taken seriously, we have to speak seriously.

In order to be accepted as intellectual beings, we have to drop our “ums” our “likes” and our “you knows”.

In order to prove to ourselves we are worthy we have to state our opinions without fear and
use declarative sentences.

International Women’s Day

I’ve heard more about International Women’s Day while in England
than I ever did in the US.

Sure it might be that over here, I’m taking a course many would consider feminist
(Beyond Plath: Modern American Women Poets)
which gives me more time to talk about the injustices against women,

but I think it’s more than that.

There’s something more politicized about femininity in the UK, or at least a greater understanding among
women of their bodies as a politicized space.

Perhaps that has to do with a greater amount of political involvement over here in general.


So in honor of International Women’s Day

Today, I’ve tried to listen.

Listen to the more politically aware voices around me.

Listen to the young women in my classes who speak with a fervor
about feminism than I’ve never seen.

Listen to the debates on British television over “woman’s place”


What are you doing for IWD?

The Children’s Hour

Warning: Non-fashion post below!

I promise a re-cap of my London weekend is coming sometime this week
(when the weekend is actually over and I have pictures uploaded!)

However, I feel the need to write about the performance I saw today ASAP:

The Children’s Hour

(starring Keira Knightley and Elizabeth Moss)

For a play whose central theme is gay love, there isn’t much mention of it in Lillian Hellman’s The Children’s Hour! Much like Knightley’s film Atonement a devastating lie ruins the lives of many in ways that cannot be reversed. Set in a 1930’s New England boarding school, the play attempts to show the effects of accusing someone of homosexuality. In the small town of the play, the repercussions are innumerable but the devastation, unfortunately, isn’t felt by the audience.

The script was a bit dry though the actor’s did their best to make the characters come to life–the only problem was, they never did. Between the stiff opening scenes. and Knightley’s constant accent slippage the characters failed to worm their way into the hearts of the audience. The detachment of the audience was furthered by the script’s odd focus on developing non-central characters throughout the first act. Little changed when the second act moved forward, despite the insight
into the central women’s lives. When Moss’s character commits suicide, instead of feeling intense sadness the audience feels nothing.


I would love the chance to see the 1961 film version of the play starring Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine to see
if the acting or the script was the essential flaw of this play. Here’s a clip of the movie to pique your interest:


Post more tomorrow,


30 for 30 Day 6

Grocery Day! My list ?
– yogurt
– cream cheese
– jam

Healthy Yummy!


Later this afternoon some Kenyon-Exeter folks went to go see Never Let Me Go.

Based on the novel of the same name, the film had the added bonus of a Q & A with the producer and author after the showing!

I highly recommend the movie and soon I’ll let you know what I thought of the book.

(I’m starting it tonight!)


Here’s what I wore for my movie/grocery adventures:

30 for 30 Works Cited:

9) Morgan Jeans (Delias)

16) Blue T-shirt (J.Crew)

17) Grey Cardigan (Madison Lilly via Nordstrom)

3) Black Boots (H&M)


4…repeat steps 1, 2, 3


Don’t you just love this song? I remember it playing everytime I went to the skate-rink

for couples skate–ah middle school memories!


Today was super-windy out to the point where I was scared of pulling a Mary Poppins, so you’ll have to settle

for bad pictures once again.

How do all of the fashion bloggers do it??


10. Mulberry Colored Shirt (Nordstrom), 11. Grey Skirt (J.Crew), 12. Black Flats (Banana Republic)


I actually did laundry today (even the sheets!) so expect a post soon showcasing all 30 for 30!