30 for 30–Day 1

You may have noticed that a strange new badge popped up on the side of my layout yesterday. Here’s why: I have decided to take part in Kendi’s 30 for 30 Challenge. The challenge is to choose 30 items of clothing to remix into 30 outfits over the next month. Accessories and coats don’t count but shoes and tanks do. There’s another catch as well–no buying things for the next 30 days either. Ideally, the challenge teaches people to re-work their wardrobe and realize that “I have nothing to wear” days don’t exist.

The challenge has happened several times before, maybe you’ve seen it on your favorite bloggers site! Here’s my lowly blog, listed on Kendi’s site (how cool!!)

Okay, so maybe you can’t see it in that little picture but go check the list of bloggers out here and you’ll see my blog. In poor remixer form I don’t have my full 30 items to show you today because I didn’t do laundry I ran out of time. I’ll try to post them before the week is out but don’t quote me on that. Here’s outfit number one:

1) grey turtleneck (J.Crew), 2) Floral print skirt (J.Crew), 3) Boots (H&M)


Bear with me as I figure out this posting pictures/outfits thing, surely by the end of this 30 for 30 I’ll have it down!




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