Third Time is the Charm?

Day 3 of Kendi’s 30 for 30 Challenge and I think I’m finally getting into the swing of this posting thing–or maybe not.

Today I’m showing off items 8, 9 (and my first repeat) 3.

Item 8: Checked Shirt (J.Crew), Item 9: Morgan Jeans (Delias), Item 3: Boots (H&M)

In other news, I used not one, but TWO, blogger tutorials to get ready this morning, pathetic?


Tutorial 1: Sydney’s belt tying tutorial (The Daybook)

This girl seriously rocks. Her blog has me obsessively checking to see what outfit

she puts together next. Go check it out!


Tutorial 2: Carrie’s beehive tutorial (Wish Wish Wish)

First off, how awesome does the beehive look? All thanks to Carrie. I’ve been admiring her hair

for absolute ages, til she was considerate to post a tutorial and what do you know?

It really is as easy to do as she said!


Oh and before I forget, I’m participate in Sydney’s Awkward and Awesome Thursday



– Walking to class and my heels getting stuck in the path and then having to pull them out while people go around me

– Talking over someone else on a conference call but no one realizing I said anything

– Having the fire alarm go off at 11am and still being in my pajamas



-Not having class until 3pm and catching up on my tv shows

– Taking good pictures for today’s blog

-Making mac and cheese from scratch–without a recipe!



All for now.



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