5 seconds of fame…

Here I am at Day 5 of 30 for 30 and I have gleaned no new insights into my wardrobe.

I have, however, found out how to make this decididly unflattering shirt look much better!

30 for 30: 0 Alexandra: 1

13: Brown Boots (Frye), 14: Breton Stripe Shirt (Zara), 15: Morgan Jeans (Delias)


Today I spent the day in the library which is probably why my outfit is so boring! I needed to be able

to sit still for a longtime and not be fidling with any extras so the accessories had to go.


More tomorrow!





5 responses to “5 seconds of fame…”

  1. Hi Alexandra,

    In order to approve your iFabbo Membership, we need an email address for you on file. Please send your email address to info@ifabbo.com.

    The iFabbo Team

  2. Love the yellow belt! I need one so bad 🙂


    1. They’re fairly inexpensive at the J.Crew outlet! Check it out when it goes online from Friday-Sunday.

  3. Love the stripe and belt combo! So fab! Great boots as well!

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