30 for 30 Day 18

Nothing interesting about my outfit today but it matched the weather!
It’s been grey and gloomy for the past few days here in Exeter and I could use
a little sunshine!

(Excuse the trash bags at my feet!)

For once my hair behaved when I let it airdry!


20. Grey Tshirt (J.Crew)
9. Morgan Jeans (Delias)
3. Black Boots (H&M)
26. Black Cardigan (J.Crew)

30 for 30–Day 9

Sorry I’ve been MIA in my 30 for 30 posts–things are kinda crazy around here.

I have a paper due tomorrow on poetry

Sounds easy for an English major right?


I’ve never studied poetry at the College level before and

I’m terrified.

I don’t really get it.

So that’s where all of my spare time has gone :/


Here’s what I wore today:

I swear the skirt didn’t look that unflattering in person–

since I took my own pictures there wasn’t a way to get the best angle!


Works Cited

20: Grey Tshirt (J.Crew)
18: Blue Felt Skirt (J.Crew)
12: Black Flats (Banana Republic)


I’m going on a class trip to London on Friday, so posts may be a little slow

until I return!



Ta for now,



30 for 30 Day 6

Grocery Day! My list ?
– yogurt
– cream cheese
– jam

Healthy Yummy!


Later this afternoon some Kenyon-Exeter folks went to go see Never Let Me Go.

Based on the novel of the same name, the film had the added bonus of a Q & A with the producer and author after the showing!

I highly recommend the movie and soon I’ll let you know what I thought of the book.

(I’m starting it tonight!)


Here’s what I wore for my movie/grocery adventures:

30 for 30 Works Cited:

9) Morgan Jeans (Delias)

16) Blue T-shirt (J.Crew)

17) Grey Cardigan (Madison Lilly via Nordstrom)

3) Black Boots (H&M)


5 seconds of fame…

Here I am at Day 5 of 30 for 30 and I have gleaned no new insights into my wardrobe.

I have, however, found out how to make this decididly unflattering shirt look much better!

30 for 30: 0 Alexandra: 1

13: Brown Boots (Frye), 14: Breton Stripe Shirt (Zara), 15: Morgan Jeans (Delias)


Today I spent the day in the library which is probably why my outfit is so boring! I needed to be able

to sit still for a longtime and not be fidling with any extras so the accessories had to go.


More tomorrow!





4…repeat steps 1, 2, 3


Don’t you just love this song? I remember it playing everytime I went to the skate-rink

for couples skate–ah middle school memories!


Today was super-windy out to the point where I was scared of pulling a Mary Poppins, so you’ll have to settle

for bad pictures once again.

How do all of the fashion bloggers do it??


10. Mulberry Colored Shirt (Nordstrom), 11. Grey Skirt (J.Crew), 12. Black Flats (Banana Republic)


I actually did laundry today (even the sheets!) so expect a post soon showcasing all 30 for 30!