30 for 30 Day 18

Nothing interesting about my outfit today but it matched the weather!
It’s been grey and gloomy for the past few days here in Exeter and I could use
a little sunshine!

(Excuse the trash bags at my feet!)

For once my hair behaved when I let it airdry!


20. Grey Tshirt (J.Crew)
9. Morgan Jeans (Delias)
3. Black Boots (H&M)
26. Black Cardigan (J.Crew)

30 for 30–Day 9

Sorry I’ve been MIA in my 30 for 30 posts–things are kinda crazy around here.

I have a paper due tomorrow on poetry

Sounds easy for an English major right?


I’ve never studied poetry at the College level before and

I’m terrified.

I don’t really get it.

So that’s where all of my spare time has gone :/


Here’s what I wore today:

I swear the skirt didn’t look that unflattering in person–

since I took my own pictures there wasn’t a way to get the best angle!


Works Cited

20: Grey Tshirt (J.Crew)
18: Blue Felt Skirt (J.Crew)
12: Black Flats (Banana Republic)


I’m going on a class trip to London on Friday, so posts may be a little slow

until I return!



Ta for now,



30 for 30 Day 6

Grocery Day! My list ?
– yogurt
– cream cheese
– jam

Healthy Yummy!


Later this afternoon some Kenyon-Exeter folks went to go see Never Let Me Go.

Based on the novel of the same name, the film had the added bonus of a Q & A with the producer and author after the showing!

I highly recommend the movie and soon I’ll let you know what I thought of the book.

(I’m starting it tonight!)


Here’s what I wore for my movie/grocery adventures:

30 for 30 Works Cited:

9) Morgan Jeans (Delias)

16) Blue T-shirt (J.Crew)

17) Grey Cardigan (Madison Lilly via Nordstrom)

3) Black Boots (H&M)