Library School: First Week Reflections

As of last night I’ve officially completed my first week as a master’s student and I’m more excited than ever about my chosen career path. Every class seems new and exciting! Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Everyone that I have met has a deep love of J.K. Rowling. During orientation someone mentioned an obscure HP line and everyone understood. I think I’ve found my people.
  2. There are people from all different backgrounds here at SILS. At Kenyon, it was expected that everyone had come from roughly the same academic experience but here that’s really not the case. It’s interesting to see what different people bring to the table!
  3. There are no grades. This one is the biggest shocker to me! As someone who has at times been called an overachiever, it’s going to take some time to learn to live without the ever-present ‘A.’ Here at SILS, classes are H/P/F, meaning high pass, pass and fail.
  4. Technology in the classroom is encouraged. I’m not sure how to deal with professors telling us to bring our laptops to class to tweet or google! The SILS program is about sharing collaboratively so the professors have encouraged us to be active on the web


It’s been a great first week but the ease into classes is officially over — homework calls!


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